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Badoo 2012-08-27 —

Head of Monitoring Department

Leading the Monitoring Department


  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Zabbix
  • People
  • Management
  • Incidents
  • Postmortems

Zabbix Moscow Meetup 2015-06-27 — 2019-06-27


The community of Zabbix Users, meetup once a year, speakers, organisation process at Badoo

Zabbix Talks chat (RU) 2016-04-13 — 2019-04-13


The community in Telegram chat, more than 1000 members, Russian

Zabbix Tech chat (EN) 2018-01-29 — 2019-01-29


The community in Telegram chat, more than 100 members, English

[Article] Zabbix to Desktop Notifications 2018-08-01

Published by Badoo

Simple solution which helps to get notifications from Zabbix directly to your desktop

[Video] Zabbix Events to ElasticSearch 2018-06-27

Published by Badoo

My implementation of fast Zabbix events analyzer

[Article] Zabbix Moscow Meetup 2018 at Badoo 2018-06-27

Published by Badoo

Review of the event

[Video] Why do we need Monitoring Deprtment at Badoo 2018-06-01

Published by Avito Tech

Another explanation from a different angle :)

[Video] Incidents at Badoo 2017-11-08

Published by Highload++

How do we contol incidents at Badoo

[Video] Postmortem process at Badoo 2017-10-19

Published by UptimeCommunity

Postmortems culture at Badoo

[Video] From LLD to SuperDiscovery (ENG) 2017-10-25

Published by Zabbix

First english presentation

[Video] Zabbix at Badoo, fast and efficient reactions 2017-04-29

Published by Badoo

Interesting things with Zabbix at Badoo

[Video] Monitoring Department at Badoo 2017-04-17

Published by UptimeCommunity

Explains how Moninitoring Department is working at Badoo

[Video] From LLD to SuperDiscovery 2016-03-28

Published by Badoo

Implementation of simple monitoring API for app-developers

[Video] Zabbix at Badoo 2015-06-23

Published by Badoo

Zabbix infrastructure at Badoo

[Video] Monitoring of the highload project 2013-12-17

Published by Badoo

First presentation ever

[Article] Cheap backup solution of the entire office 2013-04-23

Published by Badoo

subj :)

[Article] Yandex.Disk as a file-system 2012-04-13

Published by Habr

First article with maximum amount of pluses (78) and views (>100K)

Linux/Software Administration

  • Linux
  • MySQL
  • Bash
  • Python
  • Nginx
  • PHP(-FPM)

Scripting / Automation

  • Bash
  • Python

Troubleshooting / Investigation

  • top
  • (inno|io|h)top
  • tcpdump
  • strace
  • grep
  • logs


  • API
  • MySQL
  • Proxy
  • Troubleshooting
  • High Load
  • Auto Discovery

Russian (native speaker)

English ([pre-]advanced level)